peach最新事件,A Song of Peach Blossoms

  A Song of Peach Blossoms

  Wr. by Lin Huiyin & Tr. by House Father

  Oh, Peach Tree, a-blooming,

  Who paints herself with pink in every bough,

  As if Spring is whispering;

  Whose dewy dripping blooms,

  Each of which looms

  Into a delicate word of a sweet tone,

  Emit a glimmering ray of a twilight zone,

  That seemingly is

  So softly, so tenderly breathing;

  And smiling,

  Who casts a charming glance,

  Casually, more or less.

  Oh, lo--

  As the wind again does blow,

  She gives, with a tremble

  At the lips of April,

  Another glance--

  A glance that lingers with an amorous fragrance!

peach最新事件,A Face amid Peach Flowers

  A Face amid Peach Flowers

  Cui Hu

  Today last year within the garden gate,

  I saw her face so flushed amid peach flowers.

  Today this year somehow she disappears—

  The flowers in spring breeze still smile and wait.

peach最新事件,A Song of Peach Blossoms

peach最新事件,[原创空间]My First Peach

It is another Firday evening, everything looks the same. I have worked in front a computer for more than 4 hours in a big big computer room. Everyday, I type, I read, but do not speak often. Now, it is Firday. After leaving this computer I will go to someplace where I will speak.

  That place is an English corner. I have been so many English corners, in Beijing, in Tianjin, In Shanghai and in my hometown Shijiazhuang, and this one, in shenzhen, is the best one for me. You know why? The reson is simply. After one hour lecture given by a guy from an Enlgish -speaking country, There will be a free talk and This free talk is really nice for me. I can chatting with people there, with beer in hand. I love beer. Someone tole me before, ’Beer is the only friend that will never let you down’,. I do agree one hundred percent.

  After a nice chat there, I am on my way to my shelter where I pay less than 500 per month. Tonight, English is not a problme. I have talked a lot and in my room there are two English TV channels. No problem, Top Gun is the weekend blockbluster for tonight. Nice movie, Cool Guy. He was young when he was in TOP GUN. When I first saw the moive, I was young too. What about beer, beer is not enough. OK, there are so many place to buy nice beer, though more expensive than the prices in another city for the same brand. I go to a supermarket. Yes, after all, the goods in big supermarket are relatively cheap. I know where they put the beer, So I go up straight to the shelf. Beer is put on the farthest shelf, maybe they know if I really want beer, I don’t care the distance I will have to cover. On my way there, something attracts my eyes. What the hell is it? So cute!!! Gosh, they are peaches. Well, I pause in front of them. They are smiling at me, I am sure. I’d smile back to them too in order to be polite. Is that enought? Not really, I will do something more than a smile. I choose two of them with me. You know, it take me more than 10 minute to find the two, the best two. This time , I am not loyal to my beer, with two more bottles of purified water which is a local brand in shenzhen, I go back to my room.

  Turn on the TV! Great, Tom Cruise! In my mind, Flashes for Mission Impossible I, II, Interview with an Vimpire pop up. I set down and open one bottle of water, drinking. Suddenly, something special comes into my mind. Peach, what is a peach? Yes, I know what a peach is and I used to know how it tastes. Well, How long haven’t I had a peach. My God, It is unbelievable!!! 12 months. For God-danmmed one year, I have eaten a bloody peach!!!!!!

peach最新事件,A Song of Peach Blossoms

  “Clam down“, I say to myself, “Relax, enjoy the TOP GUN and enjoy the First Peach.“

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